2021 Spring Education Event - "Goosegrass and Crabgrass Control Options and Biorational/Organic Approaches to Weed Control"

    The presentation will provide a brief overview of an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to weed management in sports fields and an overview of biorational and organic options available to sports turf managers.

    2021 Spring Education Event - “Blasted Insects of 2021”

    The presentation will cover new scale insects showing up in Maryland landscapes, periodical cicada and what it will mean for tree and shrub damage, and new IPM methods of controlling major invasive insect species landscape pest emergence.

    2021 Spring Education Event - “2021 PFA Recertification Update; Judy’s Top Ten”

    The presentation will cover all the latest updates to the Fertilizer Law, as well as program changes. Link to the Penn State publication:

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    2020 MASTMA Sponsor Webinar - "Mower Maintenance"

    This session will provide turf managers, operators and equipment managers with a good understanding of the relationship between rotary mower application, quality of cut and after-cut appearance. Operator safety and machine maintenance will also be discuss