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    Camden Yards Meeting


    By Geoff Rinehart

    Mid-Atlantic Sports Turf Managers Association Spring Meeting

    The recently-formed Mid-Atlantic chapter of the Sports Turf Managers Association (MASTMA) had their first member organizational meeting of 2017 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on March 17. About 100 STMA sports turf professionals attended the standing-room only event which included an educational program, field tour, and lunch. This was the first chapter meeting since the MASTMA Board of Directors was elected and committees were formed last fall and provided an opportunity for chapter president Ryan Bjorn (Maryland SoccerPlex) to introduce the Board and committee chairpersons.

    The indoor educational portion of the program included Dr. Joseph Roberts, University of Maryland, and Baltimore Orioles Head Groundskeeper Nicole McFadyen, who hosted the event. Dr. Roberts presented information about new research which evaluated the technique of alternating biorational and conventional fungicides to extend turf disease control during the growing season and provided an overview of the turfgrass phytobiome research his team is conducting on the National Mall. Nicole spoke about turf maintenance practices at Camden Yards and provided tips for participants to prepare their fields for baseball season before leading the group on the tour.

    Nicole led the group on a tour around the field, bullpens, sod area in center field, and the maintenance shop and spoke about the demanding schedule and maintenance practices of a major league ballpark. The snow covering the field melted slowly through the day and participants had the opportunity to get a peek of the new Kentucky bluegrass sod before the season opener in a few weeks. We appreciate Nicole and the Orioles hosting this event as a great way to kick off the spring season!

    The day provided a good opportunity for sports turf managers in Maryland, DC, Delaware and northern Virginia to connect as they prepare for the growing season and this was the second event for the new Mid-Atlantic STMA chapter that was just formed last fall. The groundwork of the chapter rejuvenation has been accomplished over the last several months by a steering committee including sports turf managers at some of the region’s professional complexes and industry suppliers.

    The MASTMA chapter will host at least four events per year and chapter events are free to members. Annual chapter dues are $40 for sports turf professionals. The next chapter event will likely be a field day this summer- look for details to be announced in spring!


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