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    Grass Roots Initiative Update

    Hello from the National Turfgrass Federation! 

    I would like to iterate our thanks and gratitude for your support of the NTF’s ‘Grass Roots’ Initiative as we continue to promote the turfgrass industry to the general public, the larger horticulture community and policymakers. I would like to take this opportunity to re-cap our activities in 2016 and provide a preview of our scheduled 2017 events. Attached, please see our 2016 ‘Grass Roots’ Summary Report.

    We are grateful for your support of ‘Grass Roots’ and without this it would have been impossible to build and maintain the exhibit. The Arboretum is very supportive of the Initiative, has provided the internal infrastructure for ‘Grass Roots’ to be successful, and is appreciative of the turfgrass industry’s support to sustain the project.

    • Arboretum leadership has indicated recently that they envision ‘Grass Roots’ through 2019, a 1-year extension to the original agreement.

    • The Arboretum ‘Grass Roots’ exhibit has hosted ~60,000 visitors since opening in October, 2014

    • We opened a second ‘Grass Roots’ exhibit at the Maryland SoccerPlex in Montgomery County, MD in November, 2016.

    • 'Grass Roots’ continues to host a range of visitors including master gardener and professional horticulture groups, government policymakers, school groups, and the general public.

    In order to maintain a high quality exhibit and continue our outreach and education efforts, we ask for your continued sponsorship support.  ‘Grass Roots’ sponsors are recognized on an indoor display in the National Arboretum Administration and Visitor Center and on the ‘Grass Roots’ website and will be recognized on an outdoor display at the Maryland Soccerplex.

    With your continued support we look forward to growing the ‘Grass Roots’ Initiative as an important asset to the entire turfgrass industry in communicating the many benefits of turfgrass to the public!

    Thank you for your support!


    Geoffrey Rinehart

    ‘Grass Roots’ Program Coordinator

    U.S. National Arboretum

    3501 New York Avenue, NE

    Washington, DC 20002-1958



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