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    COVID-19 Recommendations

    Wishing this email finds everyone well!

    With regards to the latest executive stay at home order from Governor, Sports Turf Maintenance is still classified as “essential”.

    MASTMA encourages each and every company to heed the recommendations below and prepare and provide to EACH EMPLOYEE a letter identifying the employee as essential and listing the other information suggested below in the event any authority questions why they are driving or working:

    • Name and address of the employee
    • Name and address of the business
    • Nature of the employee’s essential work
    • Signature and contact information for the employer

    Remember, Turfgrass is essential because of:

    • Controlling rodents snakes and other pests found in high grass on the property
    • The safety of elderly folks from tripping and falling due to high turfgrass
    • And as always “protecting the Chesapeake Bay and other waterways in the State due to preventing thinning turf which allows for increased erosion and pollution of soil nitrogen and phosphorous
    • And other reasons you can think off that are specific to your company

    MASTMA is continuing to post business resources on our website under NEWS and if we can be of any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you and keep safe!