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    MASTMA Nominates Brian Hogan for Leo Goertz Membership Grant

    Updated 11.29.17

    STMA has selected Brian Hogan as one of its winners for the Leo Goertz Membership Grant! Congratulations to Brian.

    The STMA Leo Goertz Membership Grant

    The late Leo Goertz served on the SAFE Board of Trustees from 2006 – 2011. After his board service, he stayed actively involved with SAFE through helping with its fundraising events. He joined STMA in 1988. Leo was awarded one of STMA's highest honors in 2010, the Harry C. Gill Founders Award.This award was established to honor an individual for their hard work in the sports turf industry and to acknowledge their dedication to STMA. SAFE and STMA believe that Leo's biggest contribution to the Foundation and to the association was in his ability to 'give back'. The Leo Goertz Membership Grant awards up to $1,500 annually to fund new, two-year memberships in STMA, thus continuing Leo's legacy of giving back.

    The grant is funded through The SAFE Foundation and is made possible by a generous gift from Pioneer Athletics for 10 years.

    The MASTMA Board of Directors are proud to nominate Brian Hogan for the Leo Goertz Membership Grant with STMA.  Brian is a sports turf manager at Calvert County Parks and Recreation.  He is new to the sports turf managment field, making a transition from golf course management. A two-year membership to STMA could benefit Brian greatly in his transition from the golf industry and help him to build a larger network of educational resources and relationships in the sports industry.  Good luck Brian!