Best Practice Manual (BMP)

    We have reached a critical time in our industry and need your financial help. While the technology and tools within our Sports Turf Management Industry are rapidly advancing, the critical protection of these practices is severely lacking. If we don’t address and move to fill this need, we will begin to experience negative impacts which will greatly impact us where it matters most - our ability to perform our jobs to the professional standards expected by our employers and stakeholders.

    Public and governmental perception is critical to our ability to continue to operate in the most efficient and effective manner possible. While other organizations have drafted and adopted a Best Management Practices manual, our Sports Turf Management Industry has not. As a result, we have become subject to pesticide bans, fertilizer restrictions, and a misinformed general public. Conversely, other factions of the “Green Industry” have been able to make themselves exempt from legislation due to their ability to present a researched-based and industry accepted approach as to why and how current practices already sufficiently address concerns stated in emerging legislation.

    We need to do the same. It is MASTMA’s goal to have a comprehensive Best Management Practices (BMP) manual in place to protect the Sports Turf Management Industry from unnecessary legislative barriers inhibiting us from producing quality work. Through a BMP, we will show that we are responsible licensed professionals who already abide by regulation and licensing for pesticides and fertilizer.

    To accomplish this goal, we need your financial help. The MASTMA Board of Directors has committed $1,000 to begin the process of creating the manual, so we have a solid start, but your help is greatly needed to ensure that we will accomplish our goal and make a difference to protect us all. Please consider donating what you feel is appropriate (MASTMA Members have been asked to consider a $190 donation) to help cover the expense of providing a BMP manual.

    Why is having a BMP so important and why should you care? Great question...

    • A BMP will reinforce that we are educated and highly trained professionals that make decisions based on scientific fact and experience.

    • A BMP will help counter proposed legislation that will limit what we can use to effectively and successfully perform our jobs.

    • A BMP will recognize the Sports Turf Management Industry professionals as stewards of the environment by spelling out to organizations, communities, and state officials exactly how we operate in a clear transparent manner.

    • A BMP will serve as the basis for how professionals conduct themselves in accordance with state/local regulations and a resource available for other STMA Chapters.

    • A BMP will highlight industry specific practices that ensure the safety of the community and environment remain the top priority in our line of work. It is our hope the MASTMA BMP will become the template for other organizations and Sports Turf Managers nationwide.

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